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Andtunes v1.0.2

Andtunes is a music manager for Android phones and other mobile devices (you can also use it to manage local playlists).

Andtunes allows you to create and edit playlists. You can set your own sort order. The "shuffle" feature shuffles songs and includes highly-rated songs more frequently than others.



Andtunes is a Windows application. You will need Microsoft .NET 4.0.

How to use Andtunes

Open a device by pressing Ctrl+O, or by clicking the "..." button. For Android phones, you should navigate to the "Music" folder on your memory card (but it doesn't particularly matter).

You can create playlists by right-clicking in the left-hand panel, clicking the "New playlist..." item in the File menu, or by pressing Ctrl+N. You can drag-and-drop MP3 files into a playlist from Windows Explorer. Click on a column to sort on that column; click it again to reverse the sort order. If you want to sort on several columns, hold down shift when clicking them.

To save a playlist, click the save button. Click the "Save shufffle list" button to shuffle the songs - songs with a higher rating will be played more often. Songs that aren't ticked (on the left) will not be played at all.

You can delete songs by selecting them and pressing the delete key.

What's New?


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Andtunes is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), version 3.0 or later.